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My Disney Infinity Collection

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Track & share what you own & want for all Disney Infinity games with a beautiful & social touch.Since a lot of people are confused: This is not the game.My Disney Infinity Collection is powered by and as a result contains all current data for all characters, play sets & power discs.Tracking * Track all the characters, play sets, power discs & toy box game discs that you own* Keep a wishlist of all characters, play sets, power discs & toy box game discs you want* Apply a range of filters to the characters, play sets, power discs lists* Share your collection & wishlist with anyone
Online* Community Forums: Keep track of the community at by checking the recent posts.* News: Keep informed about everything about Disney Infinity and check the news from within My Disney Infinity Collection.
Backup & Restore* Don't loose your data by backing up* Share your collection between different devices by using backup & restore* Dropbox support for those with the Pro version.
My Disney Infinity Collection is free (with ads). A pro key is available for those that want to support us and give us some extra motivation :)
*DISCLAIMER*: This app is created with the help of and is NOT an official Disney app.